Frequently Asked Questions

Cycology is a power-based, virtual reality indoor cycling studio situated in the heart of Walmer, Port Elizabeth. When you enter our studio, you enter an HD world of famous cycling routes and races; a world of measurement and a world where you can begin to ensure you get the best return from your saddle time.

Using the latest and very best indoor trainers, such as CycleOps Hammer, Elite Direto and Wahoo Kickr; all with built in power and cadence meters, you will train according to your personal power level and in an exciting and motivational environment.

A variety of user-friendly training programs and applications for various purposes have been developed and for those of you with a personal coach, their programs can be seamlessly integrated into our system.

For those who prefer individual sessions, we also offer free riding using applications such as Zwift or your own bespoke training sessions and routes.

The Cycology studio offers changing rooms with secure lockers and showers, and a recovery area with Wi-Fi, coffee and refreshments allowing you time to cool down and catch your breath before you head off.  Depending on which application you have trained with, your session is automatically uploaded within seconds of being completed and a summary email is sent to your inbox.

During the week:
Mondays to Fridays from 05:00 to 20:00,

Saturdays from 06:00 to 13:00
Sundays from 7:00 to 11:00

Please inquire about our trading hours on public holidays.

We fully encourage and participate in outdoor training and racing.  However, the road is rarely without obstacles:  weather and daylight conditions, traffic lights and other uncontrollable factors make specific training difficult and unfortunately, cyclist can be targets of crime.  The majority of professional cyclists and triathletes use stationary training as an important part of their training regime.  Training in the studio means you can focus on technique and specific training goals without having to worry about external factors that may skew your best efforts on the road.

Most cyclists familiar with heart rate based training will know that heart rate measures the body’s response to activity without measuring the actual activity. There are limitations to training with heart rate including lag time (especially for short, intense efforts), variations in heart rate according to age, temperature, level of fatigue, general health, hydration and level of fitness.  It can be difficult to know what heart rate ranges are best to train in.

Cycology uses CycleOps Hammer Trainers, Wahoo Kickr 3 and Direto Elite.  Each trainer has a computerised resistance unit that links to application that controls the workout in order to vary the resistance and simulate real riding conditions.  The systems are versatile enough to handle intense interval sessions as well as gentle recovery rides.  The indoor trainers quietly replicate any outdoor ride from group rides to rolling hills to pain face inducing 20% grades.

The power meters used in the Cycology cycle trainers allows the measurement of power accurately and instantaneously, as you ride.  Power based training systems and programs, such as Training Peaks and Trainer Road use power zones to achieve different training and recovery objectives as part of a program.  This allows for better training and recovery management than more traditional methods of measuring heart rate, time or speed.

Power zones utilised by Training Peaks and many other systems include:

  • Recovery: low intensity riding that aids recovery from previous high intensity efforts.
  • Endurance: medium intensity efforts that develop cardio-vascular (aerobic) systems
  • Tempo: higher intensity efforts that approach the limits of aerobic endurance
  • Lactate Threshold: high intensity efforts that test and exceed aerobic limits
  • VO2 Max: sub-maximal efforts that develop anaerobic and neuro-muscular systems
  • Anaerobic Capacity: extreme (short duration) efforts that develop strength and anaerobic capacity
  • Neuro-muscular Power: extreme (short duration) efforts that place great stress on the musculoskeletal

Each studio client must take a 30 minute Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test during which power is measured and personal power training zones determined.  Once your power level is known, you have your base from which to start training.  Many applications require your FTP as they are configured to work at your power levels.  We recommend re-testing your FTP every 3 months, training dependent.

FTP is the threshold power whereby the body removes lactic acid at the same rate it’s produced while exercising.  It is commonly defined as the highest average power you can sustain for a fixed period of time (between 20 mins to 1 hour), measured in watts.

Our cycle trainers and training applications enable each client to rides at his/her own power level and in their own personal power zone, even in a group class.  This ensures that every rider in the class is riding at a similar level of effort;  irrespective of capability.  As clients develop and improve, power zones are adjusted (normally about every 2-3 months), enabling you to increase your training levels and maximise your time on the indoor saddle.

By using the apps like Zwift and HD video on our TVs and screen, we provide a structured and entertaining training environment in a virtual reality world.  With a clear objective and outcome using detailed, accurate measurement of effort, power, energy consumption and heart rate in an environment that realistically simulates real routes and real conditions;  clients will never get bored.

Ideally yes.  Your bike is set up for you;  it’s probably been tweaked to ensure you don’t injure yourself. The ability to train on your own bike adds to the realism and comfort level, as well as learning how to position yourself, shift properly and pedal more smoothly.  However, should you be taking your first steps into the world of cycling, we do have a small number of studio bikes with adjustable saddle height that can be used on a first come, first served basis.  Feel free to pop in for a fitment.

Our indoor trainers will accommodate mountain and road bikes with 10 or 11 speed gearing.  We use Shimano 105 cassettes as standard on our trainers as they are the best in terms of reliability, compatibility and durability.

If you are bringing your own bike, then bring your shoes/cleats too as well as cycling shorts, a sweat towel and a water bottle.  If you plan to take a shower after your session, then bring a towel and your toiletries too.  And if you are a Strava junkie then you may also want to bring your Garmin and heart rate strap.

For those of you who have a spare bike to be exclusively used for training, there is the option to leave your bike at the studio in between your training sessions.  We have limited storage facilities, please enquire about prices and availability with the Studio Manager or email

Bookings through our website ( are essential in order that we can reserve a bike for your session and set it up for you prior to your arrival.

Many of the applications used in the studio will be using studio log-ins;  however, you will be encouraged to take out your own subscription to your preferred application as that will mean you can store online training data, build up your own profile and also use your application wherever you want to.

Each session is 45 minutes, which allows 15 minutes for changeover between sessions.  If you wish, you can book multiple sessions and you will be charged accordingly.

Each rider is requested to wipe the bike down after their session with the cloth and sanitizing spray provided, if they have used a studio bike.  The studio cleaner will clean the studio in between sessions.

Yes, 152 Main Road has off street parking.